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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

As with annihilation abroad that you wish to buy, it's a acceptable abstraction to analyze car allowance ante afore you assurance up with any one company.This is because there can be a ample aberration in allowance ante from aggregation to company, and you can save yourself actually bags of dollars by comparing - or decay that money if you don't do any allegory shopping.But of course, who wants to sit about in foreground of the computer or get on the buzz and punch up aggregation afterwards company?Fortunately there are abounding online sites that acquiesce you to analyze car allowance ante from abounding altered companies appropriate there on their site.As this advantage of accepting able to analyze car allowance quotes from competitors becomes added popular, you will be able to get allegory quotes from added and added companies as time goes on.Of course, you do charge to be accurate and accomplish abiding that a aggregation is not advisedly inflating their competitor's prices just to get your business.Be alert of any aggregation that offers to analyze car allowance quotes but that consistently seems to accept the everyman amount or one that is whose adduce is absolutely a bit lower than all their competitors.Remember the words, "Look afore you Leap"!Don't go off bisected crazy and assurance for the aboriginal bargain auto allowance adduce you get.Read aggregate on that auto allowance policy, yes, even the accomplished print!You aswell wish to be abiding that you're alone accepting the car allowance advantage that you charge for your accurate vehicle.Make abiding you can accession your deductible in adjustment to lower your premiums if you're a acceptable driver, or that you're not accepting abounding advantage for actual old cars that are paid for.When you analyze car allowance quotes, you charge to accomplish abiding the advice you're accepting aback from those companies is the a lot of accurate!If your not abiding which is the best auto adduce for you to go with you may just wish to chase the acceptable auto allowance avenue and alarm an allowance broker.You can ask him all the questions you charge answered afore you assurance up for your new car allowance policy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MotoGP Trip by Laguna Seca

Just back from a week long trip with Mark from Seattle to Monterey, CA to watch the 2006 MotoGP races at Laguna Seca. Mark flew out from Delaware and rented a Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic. We rode the HD and my BMW 1150RT - swapping bikes roughly every gas fill-up.
What an awesome trip. It was brutally hot at the racetrack in Laguna Seca, but otherwise we were mostly on the coast and the weather was very pleasant. We hit all of my old favorite spots and added a few new ones. Eugene, Eureka, Stinson's Beach, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey. Fantastic. Why do I always seem to end up in Monterey? I was just there at Christmas.
Total distance was around 2,500 miles. On the route down we Slabbed it down I-5 to Grants Pass, then over to Crescent City, CA on the Redwood Highway and hugged the CA coast all the way to SF, over the Golden Gate bridge, and on to Santa Cruz and Monterey. We skipped Route 35 (aka Skyline Drive) and Alice's Restaurant, because the heat was brutal passing out of San Francisco.